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Ancient civilisations websites. Journey around the world and across time with the British Museums awardwinning ancient civilisations websites for students and teachers. Uncover life, belief and practices in the ancient world using animations, 3D models and objects from the Museum collection.Use the links titled Ancient Greek Sacred Sites to find information about the places where the Greeks worshiped. Make sure to check out the interactive site from the British Museum! You may use the link titled Greek Gods Research to find information on the major gods and goddesses. ancient greece british museum webquest

3) How did the physical geography and natural topography of Ancient Greece lead to the development of citystates rather than a cohesive country? Your answer should contain the two most dominant geographic features.

The Rise of Ancient Greece 6. 1 The Rise of Greek Civilization 6. 2 Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts Prentice Hall History of Our World Textbook epic, acropolis, citystate, aristocrat, tyrant, democracy, immortal, oracle, philosopher, tragedy, British Museum Webquest Greek Myth Radio Play Closed Word Sort Chapter 7 The Glory of Ancient Greece Ancient Greece from the British Museum Name Period Date Open Internet Explorer, type: in the addressancient greece british museum webquest Webquest Introduction As you travel through your study of Ancient Greece and Rome, you will use this website to complete lessons, activities and connect to other resources to enhance your learning. Be sure to read and follow all instructions throughly in order to avoid any penalties.

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15. What objects have archeologists found in ancient Sparta? Time 16. When and by whom does democracy get introduced to Athens? 17. How old was Alexander when he was made King of Macedonia? 18. How old was Alexander when he died? 19. ancient greece british museum webquest Ancient Greece The British Museum Ancient Greek pot design is famous for the way it uses paintings on the pots to tell the stories of everyday life in ancient Greece. Activity: Visit the British Museum to research some more about what life in Ancient Greece was like.

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