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Washington's North Cascades National Park offer a mix of recreation and true wilderness. the North Cascades are often called the American Alps. in a cabin on Desolation Peak, where heDesolation Peak Trail can be reached by hiking 18 miles along the East Bank Trail or boating in from Hozomeen Camground and International Point (north end) or from Ross Lake Resort (south end). At the trailhead there is a dock located on the east shore about a 14 of a mile north of Cat Island. north cascades national park desolation peak

The North Cascades National Park lies in the northernmost region of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, amid wild, forested, nearly impenetrable mountains remarkable because of their numerous glaciers, permanent snowfields, and sheerwalled cliffs, spires, and pinnacles. Mt Torment, and Desolation Peak. Beyond the park's boundaries

North Cascades National Park Desolation Peak Trail is a steep hike to open meadows, grand vistas and a historic fire lookout. It is a popular day hike for boaters staying on Ross Lake, or a scenic but strenuous side trip for backpackers along the East B Desolation Peak Photo by Bob Kandiko The only trailhead within the 684, 000acre North Cascades National Park you can drive to, Cascade Pass is the most popular hike within the park. From a lofty start beneath the icy face of 8200foot Johannesburg Mountain, follow a route once used by Native Americans, explorers, prospectors, and surveyorsnorth cascades national park desolation peak Iconic site in the park: To stand at the top of Desolation Peak is to recount the memories of one of the greats of American literature: Jack Kerouac. In the summer of 1956 he served as a fire tower watchman atop the high peak. There are more than 300 glaciers in North Cascades National Park, it is the ultimate proving ground for

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North Cascades National Park is host to what has long been known as the North American Alps. Characterized by rugged beauty, this steep mountain range is filled with jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls and glaciers. Desolation Peak Trail. East Bank Trail. Easy Pass Fisher Creek Trails. Flat Creek Trail. Fourth of July north cascades national park desolation peak The ascent of Desolation Peak is a strenuous day (4, 400 feet ascent in rocky and challenging terrain) but it is with just light day packs, which is why this trip receives a Level 3 difficulty rating. We rate this North Cascades National Park hike a solitude 4. You can Jul 12, 2010 I just hiked to the lookout at Desolation Peak. It was well worth the grueling 5 mile hike and 4400 foot elevation gain from the Ross lake. We did it on July 10, 2010 and the weather was very hot. The North Cascades offers a full range of camping experiences from a car, RV, boat, or wilderness trek. Backcountry Hiking, Camping, Climbing. No one plans on getting hurt while out exploring in a National Park. Learn how to stay safe in a National Park. Boating and Fishing. Boating, portage, and fishing information. No parking pass is required at the trailhead, but a backcountry permit is required to camp overnight in North Cascades National Park. Stop at a ranger station before heading to the trailhead to acquire one. Desolation Peak Hike Info. 64 Trip Reports for this trail,

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