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The Taiji Whale Museum is the only museum in the world dedicated to whale ecology and fishing. There are also some interesting shows involving whales and dolphins. Taijicho lies on the Kii Peninsula, the southern part of Wakayama Prefecture.The Taiji Whale Museum is located in Taiji, the only place in Japan where whale fishing still continues. There is an impressive diorama of a whale at the entrance. On the second and third floors of the building there are exhibitions about the ecology of whales and orcas, and the history of people and whales. taiji whale museum wakayama

Taiji Whale Museum. No ratings yet. WebSite: Name: Taiji Whale Museum. Category: CultureHistory. Wakayama Prefectural Museum No ratings yet. Related Category Posts. Costume Museum No ratings yet. Fujisan Museum No ratings yet. Gamagori City Museum No ratings yet. Numazu City Archives of Meiji History

The Taiji Whale Museum is a farce. It's not a museum at all, but a prison for the dolphins and whales that it claims to love. And because of their irresponsible Taiji Whale Museum opened in 1969. It exhibits more than 1, 000 items related to whales and whaling, including skeletal displays of several whale species. It keeps captive dolphins obtained by the Taiji dolphin drive hunt on display and uses the museum as a transfer station prior to distributing animals to dolphinariums worldwide.taiji whale museum wakayama Taiji, , in Wakayama Prefecture is an historic whaling port now infamous for the annual dolphin drive and slaughter highlighted by the documentary, The Cove. Taiji Whale Museum is

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Nov 23, 2017 Taiji is the village notorious for whaledolphin hunting. There is the museum for whaling in this small village. I was wondering to pay 1, 300 yen or so to enter since I'm not interested in whaling. taiji whale museum wakayama

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