Meglio il british museum o la national gallery

2020-04-05 06:48

Situata a nord di Trafalgar Square, la National Gallery il museo darte pi importante di Londra e uno dei pi famosi a livello internazionale. I suoi primi passi. British Museum. Il British Museum uno dei musei pi antichi del mondo, che conserva ed espone una delle collezioni d'archeologia pi famose a livello internazionale.Apr 29, 2012 Re: British museum or national gallery? ? Of the two you suggested I prefer the National Gallery, I found that the British museum was just exhausting, excellent but just too big for one day. The National gallery is just stunning. meglio il british museum o la national gallery

May 12, 2011  Perhaps you could take a onehour tour of the British Museum. or see things that children might particularly like

la National Gallery una galleria prevalentemente di arte pittorica con quadri di Van Gogh e di Leonardo solo per citarne due. Diciamo quindi che i suddetti musei sono, entrambi, il top del loro genere, ma molto diversi tra loro! Per i miei gusti personali io ti consiglierei di visitare il British Ma solo il Both British Museum and National Gallery are recommended by professional reviewers. On balance, British Museum is preferred by most reviewers compared to National Gallery. British Museum is ranked# 2 in London with recommendations from 14 publications like Time Out, Not For Tourists and Afarmeglio il british museum o la national gallery Comparing British Museum vs National Gallery may also be of use if you are interested in such closely related search terms as british museum or national gallery, national gallery or british museum, national gallery vs british museum and british museum vs national gallery.

Meglio il british museum o la national gallery free

May 17, 2012 Meglio madame tussauds o national gallery? Fai conto che la National Gallery e il British Museum sono gratuiti quindi li puoi visitare per conto tuo. Scegli Madame Tussaud's British Museum. Madame Tussaud's costa 30, 00 Sterline: meglio il british museum o la national gallery The National Gallery, London. Welcome. The story of European art, masterpiece by masterpiece Open daily 10am6pm Friday until 9pm Admission free Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DN Charing Cross, Leicester Square Plan your visit Jun 13, 2009 Il british museum invece unico nel suo genere, espone opere d'arte appartenenti a diverse culture nel mondo: arte africana, giapponese, maya, indiani d'america ecc. Io l'ho preferito alla national gallery perch una finestra sul mondo, mentre la national gallery pi tradizionale. You see my family and I have been traveling around the UK and, while we were in London for the first leg of our journey for about a week, we were unable to squeeze in either the British Museum and the National Gallery. For the second leg of our journey, we will be in London for what amounts to only a day and a half, hence the eitheror question. Apr 04, 2014 Both are great depending on what you wish to see. If art, the Gallery is fantastic, artifacts, go with the British Museum. I was just there last week. Of particular interest to me was the Vikings exhibit and ancient Greece and Rome. The B. M. also has a wonderful Pathenon exhibit.

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