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An introduction to the puzzle of the Memorials in Cirencester to the Dead of the Great War Cirencester War You can contact us at ww1 at cirenhistory. org. uk Our studies so far were available in the Corinium Museum exhibition on World War 1 which ran from mid August to mid September 2014.Cirencester WW1 And WW2 Cross. The image is free to reuse for noncommercial purposes under the IWM Non Commercial Licence. By downloading any images or embedding any media, you agree to the terms and conditions of the IWM Non Commercial Licence, including your use of the attribution statement specified by IWM. Embed HTML: BBCode: cirencester war museum

Mar 18, 2019  Updating Map The Corinium Museum is located at the heart of Cirencester the 'Capital of the Cotswolds Its principal collection consists of the highly significant finds from the Roman town of

The Corinium Museum is located at the heart of Cirencester, the Capital of the Cotswolds. Our principal collection consists of the highly significant finds from the Roman town of Corinium. Cirencester AIr Raid Shelter. The success of this led us, with help from the Imperial War Museum, to successfully lobby the local authority to save the shelter when a major part of the main building was demolished to make way for a municipal car park. Ever since that time we have been able to present an annual exhibition in the shelter.cirencester war museum This memorial commemorates the residents of Cirencester who were killed or missing in World War I and World War II. Many of these memorials were erected after the First World War. After the Second World War, the names of those who died in that war were also added to the memorial.

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Corinium Dobunnorum, (Cirencester) Cotswolds 2018. The main access route into the town on this side of the city wall would have been through the Verulamium Gate at the eastern end of modern day Lewis Lane. An artists reconstruction of the gate can be seen below as illustrated in the Corinium Museum. cirencester war museum Corinium Museum, Cirencester. Marvel at the Roman mosaics as you take a peek through the window of a Roman villa. Come face to face with the Anglo Saxons and their buried treasures. Be amazed by Medieval Sculpture, Civil War coin hoards and experience the elegance of Victorian Cirencester. An inspiring and interactive experience for everyone.

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