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Feb 02, 2017 Mortar Bomb 81mm The High Explosive 81mm Mortar Bomb L41 series are fitted with the MK4 Charge System and employ a spheroidal cast iron bomb body, which, combined with a high energy explosive filling, provides optimised fragmentation.The Mortier de 81mm lger long renforc (LLR 81 mm) is a mortar used by the French Army. Introduced in 1997, it is the latest iteration of the TDA 81 mm light mortar family. The original TDA 81 mm was designed in 1961. pakistan 81mm mortar

M880 SRTR. The M880 ShortRange Training Round is designed as a training round for the 81mm mortar (M29 and M252) and the 120mm mortar (using the M303 insert). The SRTR is designed to be fired, recovered, refurbished, and refired. The round is fired from the

Most ComblockWARPAC 82mm mortar ammo has grooves around or just below the thickest part of the body, the rounds in the photo are smooth. 81mm mortar rounds manufactured by POF are smooth bodied and share the distinctive fuse and tail assemblies seen in those photos. Sep 16, 2016  Must watch shocking video! 26 1 2015.pakistan 81mm mortar LLR 81mm. It can use the same pointing optics as the MO120RT61. The LLR 81mm is a paratrooper weapon, which can be parachuted either piece by piece, in a kit comprising a dismantled weapon and ammunition, or in larger crates comprising several weapons. The barrel was reinforced so as to allow firing of all existing 81 mm mortar ammunition.

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81mm, 82 mm& 120 mm Medium and Heavy Mortars. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT. Table of contents French Artillery Soldiers fire their LLR 81 mm mortar while in Mali. (Photo credit: Imgur) Mortars are generally smoothbore, muzzleloading, indirect fire guns. this report highlights some of the most commonly encountered varieties of conventionally pakistan 81mm mortar ABOUT US Defence. pk is a one stop resource for Pakistan defence, strategic affairs, security issues, world defence and military affairs. The list of infantry mortars catalogues weapons which are issued to infantry units to provide close range, rapid response, indirect fire capability of an infantry unit in tactical combat. In this sense the mortar has been called infantryman's artillery , and represents a flexible logistic solution [clarification needed LLR 81mm The American M1 81mm Mortar, like the upcoming M2 60mm Mortar, was based on a French design by Edgar William Brandt ( ). The M1 was a derivative of the French mle 2731 system (itself an improved form of the Stokes Trench Mortar of World War 1 81 mm mortar. (Redirected from 81mm Mortar) Jump to navigation Jump to search. An 81 mm mortar is a mediumweight mortar. It is a smoothbore, muzzleloading, highangleoffire weapon used for longrange indirect fire support to light infantry, air assault, and airborne units across the entire front of a battalion zone of influence.

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