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Pakistan teacher education and professional development program. The duration of Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC), Certificate of Teaching (CT), Bachelor of Education (B. Ed) courses are all of one year which offers eleven or more subjects. Punjab has already stopped the PTCCT courses with Diploma in Education.Teacher Professional Development Inservice Training. Teachers receive a combination of face to face trainings, teacher inquiry groups (TIGs) participation, and coaching, as explained in the diagram. In each province, PRP is working with the government steering committee and apex institutions to ensure the proposed inservice approach is aligned inservice teacher education in pakistan

Rehmani, A. (2006). Teacher education in Pakistan with particular reference to teachers' conceptions of teaching. Quality in education: Teaching and leadership in challenging times, 20, . teachers conceptions of teaching in improving quality of education.

Effectiveness of inservice teacher education programmes offered by the University of Education, Lahore education, teacher education and teacher professional development. Educational quality in Pakistan. Pakistan is consistently ranked low among the Teacher Education in Pakistan Like many developing countries, Pakistan faces enormous developmental and social problems. Predictably, many of these challenges are deeply reflected in the field of education and constituted the context and backdrop for the Teacher Education inservice initiative presented here.inservice teacher education in pakistan Survey of ICTs for Education in India and South Asia, Case Studies 2010 83 6. Pakistan Case Study: Teacher Education in Pakistan. A major concern regarding Pakistans education system is the high dropout rate from primary schools. Apart from extreme poverty, the inability of schools to retain students is a major factor

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1 Institute of Education and Research, University of 2 Institute of Education and Research, Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan(NWFP)Pakistan ABSTRACT The history of higher education shows that formal training for university teachers was not considered essential. inservice teacher education in pakistan Teacher Education in Pakistan: A Position Paper Introduction This position paper on teacher education in Pakistan documents the sector, highlights important problems of quantity and quality, adds critical analyses and proposes potential areas of systemic interventions for further discussion and action. The new educational innovation will, definitely, lead to improve teacher education practices in Pakistan. However, there is a dire need to look reflectively at how to sustain the initiatives and PDF On Jan 1, 2016, Illahi Gopang and others published Teacher Education and Professional Development Programs in Pakistan In Service Training: A Contributory Factor Influencing Frontier Women University KP, Pakistan Nighat Saheen Departmant of Psychology, Frontier Women University KP, Pakistan Syeda Farhana Kazmi Department of Psychology, Hazara University KP, Pakistan Abstract Education encompasses teaching and learning

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