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the Asian Media Barometer. After the first successful Asian Media Barometers for India and Pakistan (2009), Thailand (2010) and the Philippines (2011), the FESmedia project in Asia will be deploying this instrument for monitoring the media landscapes and advocating media reforms in more Asian countries, .The Central Asia Barometer is an independent nonprofit sociological project The results of our research improve access to information for all parties and help public institutions, development agencies, private investors and civil society to make accurate and informed decisions. asian media barometer pakistan

2 ASIAN MEDIA BAROMETER PAKISTAN 2009 Introduction to the Asian Media Barometers in India and Pakistan The Asian Media Barometer is a work in progress. Held for the first time in Pakistan and India in September 2009 it is designed to be an indepth and comprehensive

What is the Asian Media Barometer? The Asian Media Barometer is an indepth and comprehensive description and measurement system for national media environments in Asia, focusing on different dimensions of media freedom. Unlike other press surveys or media indices, the ANMB is a local selfassessment exercise based on criteria derived from international standards for media freedom. # speakup barometer Pakistan Working towards a free, independent and pluralistic media landscape in Pakistan Asif Khan is DW Akademie's country representative for Pakistan.asian media barometer pakistan DW Akademie in Pakistan supports citizens as well as media practitioners to ensure a media landscape based on unbiased, factual information and innovative thinking. The DW Akademie Pakistan team

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Global Barometer. The Global Barometer Survey now cover 3 continents, more than 50 of the worlds population, and it is still expanding. Besides Africa, East and South Asia, Central and South America, PostSoviet Eurasia, the Middle East, the Caribbean region is the possible region that will join the network once surveys get off the ground in asian media barometer pakistan In the most extensive survey of its kind, we spoke to 21, 861 people in 16 countries, regions and territories across the Asia Pacific region between July 2015 and January 2017 about their perceptions and experiences of corruption. The survey results show a great diversity in the corruption risks The Asian Barometer surveys had data available for key questions which were comparable to the Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer module (bribery, and change in level of corruption over time). THE ASIAN MEDIA BAROMETER (ANMB): THE PHILIPPINES 2011 (A project of the FriedrichEbert Stiftung (FES) in cooperation with the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism) Summary: The Philippines has one of the freest and most rambunctious media in all of Asia. This is partly due to the strong protection of media freedom and free Front Page, New Media; By: Bina Shah AN excellent Asian Media Barometer tool has been developed by the Friedrich Ebert Siftung Foundation, a German political organisation that seeks to educate ordinary citizens about democracy and pluralism.

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