Northern ireland road safety ad

2020-04-05 07:00

VIDEO: This shocking Northern Irish Road Safety ad has gone viral An acoustic version of the classic Guns and Roses song accompanies the brutal Northern Irish DOE Road Safety ad titledNorthern Ireland's DOE Road Safety has launched an advert so brutal it has been banned from being shown on TV before 9pm. More closely resembling something like Sharknado than a traditional road northern ireland road safety ad

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A 60second road safety ad released in Northern Ireland has been banned from the airwaves until after 9 p. m. , thanks to some shocking imagery. It's definitely scaring people, but is this ad doing Road users. Be a safe passenger Northern Irelands Road Safety Strategy to 2020 more. Road Safety Grant Scheme. The Road Safety Grant Scheme allows those from within the voluntary and community sector the opportunity to apply for grants to run road safety promotion projects more.northern ireland road safety ad

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