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2020-03-31 07:21

Northumberland, Pennsylvania Local Recycling Centers and Recycling Information and Statistics. Toggle navigation Tweet: : Recycling Centers Pennsylvania Northumberland ( ) Northumberland, Pennsylvania Local Recycling Centers 600 Kreamer Ave in Sunbury, PA Visa Accepted, Wholesale Recycling DepotsRecycling information& advice. Where can I recycle? Please use the links below to view mapsopening times of recycling centres: Find out more about our 12 household waste recovery centres here; Materials from your household recycling bin are sorted in Northumberland. northumberland pa recycling centre

Find Northumberland Pennsylvania recycling centers. Recycling centers provide services to both individuals and business, including services such as appliance, aluminum, bottle, copper, electronic, and scrap metal recycling. Mifflin County Recycling Center 579 Naginey Road Milroy PA 41. 8 miles from Northumberland.

Lackawanna County Recycling 3400 Boulevard Avenue Scranton PA 69. 5 miles from Northumberland County. Bethlehem Recycling 10 East Church Street Bethlehem PA 71. 6 miles from Northumberland County. Huntingdon County Recycling 223 Penn Street Huntingdon PA 72. 6 miles from Northumberland County Recycling& Waste. Welcome to Northumberland County's Recycling and Waste page. Click on a button below to learn more about our services. Can't find what you're looking for? Use the sidebar to navigate through this section.northumberland pa recycling centre

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