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25 years ago, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North did something really, really bad. He sold weapons to Iran in an effort to help fund rebels fighting Nicaraguas Socialist government.Former U. S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North was born in San Antonio, Texas on October 7, 1943 to parents Oliver Clay North, an Army major, and Ann Theresa Clancy. lieut col oliver north

Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, with the approval of McFarlanes successor at the NSC, Rear Admiral John Poindexter. (North, as it was later revealed, had also engaged in private fundraising for the Contras. ) These activities constituted a violation of a

Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North served as the deputy director of politicalmilitary affairs for the National Security Council staff. Although he reported directly to National Security Adviser John Poindexter and to his predecessor, Robert McFarlane, he was seen as the mastermind behind the IranContra Affairs. NRA President LtCol Oliver North joins Cam from this year's SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV. 1m. A Concealed Weapon is the Great Equalizer. Cam shares an armed citizen story from Detroit, Michigan. 1m 30s. Known Felon Murders a School Teacher Beloved by Many. Cam shares a plea deal story from Watertown, Connecticut.lieut col oliver north LtCol Oliver North joins Grant to commemorate the life of President George H. W. Bush and to talk about North's new show on NRATV, Oliver North's American Heroes.

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The plan was later complicated in late 1985, when Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council diverted a portion of the proceeds from the Iranian weapon sales to fund the Contras, a group of antiSandinista rebel fighters, in their struggle against the socialist government of Nicaragua. lieut col oliver north May 30, 2017 Retired Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North said that a North Korean missile fired over the Pacific could literally shut down Hawaii for decades. North said the U. S. must ensure the Pentagon's Oliver Laurence North was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in Philmont, New York. He enrolled in the U. S. Naval Academy in 1962, but was not IMDb. Movies, TV& Showtimes. Star Retired from the Marine Corps in 1989 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North reads his opening statement, which he had not been able to read on his first day of testimony because the statement had

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